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cooking (and eating) vegan and vegetarian in the midwest

Reuben Sandwich August 3, 2011

Filed under: Comfort Food — vegincowcountry @ 12:28 am

As a descendant of German farmers, a taste for sauerkraut is in my blood. But I don’t have much taste for the animal products that are included on a traditional Reuben!

Many restaurants serve Reubens with deli turkey as an option instead of corned beef, so an easy sub is Tofurkey or SmartLife deli slices. Pepperidge Farm rye bread is vegan, and I love my Frank’s Kraut in the bright green can! I’m not sure if a vegan swiss cheese substitute exists, but if you like cheese substitutes, go for it.

Most versions of bottled Thousand Island salad dressing (which is essential for a reuben) are not vegan: mayonnaise is the main ingredient, and mayonnaise means eggs. So I made my own, after looking at a bunch of online recipes and simplifying them: 1 cup Vegenaise, 1/2 cup ketchup, 2 Tablespoons mustard, and 2 Tablespoons sweet relish.

Always, always toast your sandwich and serve with extra Thousand Island dressing!



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